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Below you can find Hedde Zeijlstra's publications: book, volumes, journal publications, book chapters and a number of other papers, some of them that haven't yet made it into a full publication.  Most of these publications can also be downloaded (often in prepublished form) at You can find his Google Scholar profile here. In case you cannot access some document, or if you want a copy of another paper, feel free to contact Hedde.




In prep. O. Koeneman & H. Zeijlstra. Introducing syntax. Translated Chinese edition. To appear with Peking University Press.

2022. A. Banga, P. Poelmans, J. Sweep & V. Verhagen (eds.). Handboek Taalkunde ('Handbook linguistics'). Textbook on linguistics for future language teachers in secondary education. Co-responsibility for the syntax part with O. Koeneman. Bussum: Coutinho. 

2022. H. Zeijlstra. Negation and negative dependencies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2020. H. Zeijlstra. De geniale eenvoud van taal ('The brilliant simplicity of language'). Popular scientific book on language and linguistics. Amsterdam: Wereldbibliotheek. Link

2017. O. Koeneman & H. Zeijlstra. Introducing syntax. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Link

2004. H. Zeijlstra. Sentential Negation and Negative Concord. PhD Dissertation University of Amsterdam. Utrecht: LOT Publications. Download

Edited volumes/journals

In prep. S. Sundaresan & H. Zeijlstra (eds.). The grammar of Agree(ment) and Reference. Special Issue of Glossa 1412. 

In prep. J. Goncharov & H. Zeijlstra (eds.). Agency and Intentions in Language. Current Research in the Semantic-Pragmatics Interface (CRiSPI). Leiden: Brill.


2015. E. Csipak & H. Zeijlstra (eds). Proceedings of Sinn & Bedeutung 19. Göttingen: LinG. Download

2012. P. Dekker & H. Zeijlstra (eds). Concord Phenomena and Uninterpretablity. Special Issue of the Journal of Semantics 29:3. Link


2010. D. Penka & H. Zeijlstra (eds). Negation and Polarity. Special Issue of Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 28:4. Link


2007. H. Zeijlstra & J.P. Söhn (eds). Proceedings of the Workshop on Negation and Polarity. Tübingen: UB/SFB 441.

2006. P. Dekker & H. Zeijlstra (eds). Concord Phenomena and the Syntax-Semantics Interface. Malaga: ESSLLI.


Submitted. S Iatridou & H. Zeijlstra. On the formal identity between interrogative and conditional complementizers: synchrony or diachrony? Download

Submitted. S. Alexeyenko & H. Zeijlstra. Linearization of complex modifiers: Ways of (dis)obeying the Head-Final Filter. Download

Submitted. H. Karawani & H. Zeijlstra. If you want a future, darling, why don’t you get a past? Download

Submitted. Th. McFadden, S. Sundaresan & H. Zeijlstra. On the nature of crosslinguistic variation: Insights from anaphora. Download

Revisions. O. Koeneman & H. Zeijlstra. Deriving pro drop in a non-paradigmatic way. Download

Revisions. C. Kauf & H. Zeijlstra. Towards a New Explanation of Sequence of Tense Phenomena. Download

Accepted. S. Keine & H. Zeijlstra. Morphology of extraction: Reassessing vP phasehood. Download

Accepted. J. Goncharov & H. Zeijlstra. Parasitic licensing in uncertainty. Empirical Issues in Syntax and SemanticsDownload

In press. H. Zeijlstra.  Two varieties of Korean, or the absence of rightward head movement in Korean. Linguistic Inquiry. Download

In press. H. Zeijlstra. Word classes and their underlying features in minimalist syntax. In E. van Lier (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Word Classes. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Download

In press. S. Sundaresan & H. Zeijlstra. The syntactic limits of probe-goal (a)symmetries. In K. Grohmann & E. Leivada (eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Minimalism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Download

In press. O. Koeneman & H. Zeijlstra.  The lack of full pro drop as a consequence of featural overspecification. To appear in U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. Download


In press. Z. Mirrazi & H. Zeijlstra. Neg-raising without lexical excluded middle inferences: Resolving Horn Clauses and other problems. To appear in the Proceedings of SICOGG 23. Download  H


In press. S. Alexeyenko & H. Zeijlstra. (Dis)obeying the the Head-Final Filter. To appear in the Proceedings of WCCFL 37. Download  H

In press. O. Koeneman, S. Tvica & H. Zeijlstra. Rich agreement and verbal syntax. To appear in The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Morphology. Download


2022. H. Zeijlstra.  FOFC and what left-right asymmetries may tell us about syntactic structure building. Journal of Linguistics 1-35Download

2022. R. Pfau, T. Makharoblidze & H. Zeijlstra. Negation and Negative Concord in Georgian Sign Language. Frontiers in psychology 13: 734845. Download

2021. J. Lin, F. Weerman & H. Zeijlstra. NPIs of different strengths: acquisition and beyond.  To appear in Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. Download

2021 S. Iatridou & H. Zeijlstra. The complex beauty of boundary adverbials: in years and until. Linguistic Inquiry 52: 89-142. Download

2020. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Rethinking remerge: merge, movement and music.’ In. A. Barany, Th. Biberauer, J. Douglas & S. Vikner (eds.), Syntactic architecture and its consequences. Vol. I: Syntax inside the grammar. Berlin: Language Science Press. 571-598. Download


2020. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Labeling, selection, and feature checking.’ In P. Smith, J. Mursell & K. Hartmann (eds.), Agree to Agree: Agreement in the Minimalist Programme. Berlin: Language Science Press. 137-174 Download

2020. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Negative Quantifiers.’ In Viviane Déprez & M. Teresa Espinal (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Negation. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 426-440.


2020.  O. Koeneman & H. Zeijlstra. ‘Form and Meaning of (Indefinite) Pronouns.’ In R. Lieber (ed.), Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology. Oxford University Press. Download 



2019. B. Bjorkman & H. Zeijlstra. Checking up on (Phi-) Agree. Linguistic Inquiry 50: 527-569.  Download

2019. H. Karawani, C. Kauf & H. Zeijlstra. ‘The asymmetry of fake tense ’ In J. Schlöder, D. McHugh & F. Roelofsen (eds.), Proceedings of the 22nd Amsterdam Colloquium 2019. Amsterdam: ILLC. 211-217.

2019. O. Koeneman & H. Zeijlstra.  ‘Morphology and pro drop.’ In R. Lieber (ed.), Oxford Encyclopedia of Morphology. Oxford University Press. Download


2018. J. Lin, F. Weerman & H. Zeijlstra. Acquisition of the Dutch NPI hoeven 'need': From lexical frames to abstract knowledge. Language Acquisition 28: 155-177. Download

2018. C. Kauf & H. Zeijlstra. 'Towards a New Explanation of Sequence of Tense.’ In S. Maspong, B. Stefánsdóttir, K. Blake & F. Davis (eds.), Proceedings of the 28th Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge May 18-20, 2018. 59-77. Download 



2017. H. Zeijlstra. Universal Positive Polarity Items. Glossa 2: 91. Download

2017. H. Zeijlstra. Does NEG-Raising involve NEG-Raising? Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy. Published online. Download

2017. H. Zeijlstra & D. Goddard. On Berbice Dutch VO status. Language sciences 60: 120-132. Download

2017. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Contentives: a lexical supercategory above nouns and verbs.’ In C. Mayr & E. Williams (eds), Festschrift für Martin Prinzhorn. Vienna: WLG. 313-322. Download

2017. C. Kauf & H. Zeijlstra. ‘Explaining the Ambiguity of Past-Under-Past Embeddings.’ In A.  Cremers, F. van Gessel & F. Roelofsen (eds), Proceeding of the 21st Amsterdam Colloquium. Amsterdam: ILLC. 315-324. Download


2017. S. Iatridou & H. Zeijlstra. ‘Negated perfects and temporal in-adverbials’. In C. Halpert, H. Kotek & C. van Urk (eds.), A Pesky Set: Papers for David Pesetsky. Cambridge, MA: MITWPL. 65-74. Download

2017. A. Giannakidou & H. Zeijlstra. ‘The Landscape of Negative Dependencies: Negative Concord, N-Words, Split Scope.’ In M. Everaert & H. van Riemsdijk (eds.). The Blackwell Companion to Syntax, 2nd Edition. London: Blackwell. Download



2016. H. Zeijlstra. Diachronic developments in the domain of negation. Language & Linguistics Compass 10: 284–295. Download

2016. H. Zeijlstra. Negation and Negative Dependencies. Annual Review of Linguistics 2: 233-254. Download

2016. S. Miyagawa, N. Nishioka, & H. Zeijlstra. Negative sensitive items and the discourse-configurational nature of Japanese. Glossa 1: 33. Download

2016. J. Lin, F. Weerman & H. Zeijlstra. 'Acquisition as a window on the nature of NPIs.' In N. Bade, P. Berezovskaya & A. Schöller (eds.), Proceedings of Sinn & Bedeutung 20. 462-479. Download



2015. J. Ling, F. Weerman & H. Zeijlstra. Emerging NPIs: the acquisition of Dutch hoeven (‘need’). The Linguistic Review 32: 333-374. Download

2015. H. Zeijlstra. Let’s talk about you and me. Journal of Linguistics 51: 465-500. Download

2015. H. Zeijlstra. ‘NEG-raising does not involve syntactic reconstruction.’ In: Th Brochhagen, F. Roelofsen & N. Theiler (eds.), Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium 2015. Amsterdam: ILLC. 458-467. Download


2015. H. Zeijlstra. ‘The morpho-syntactic realization of sentential negation.’ In A. Alexiadou & T. Kiss (eds), The International Syntax Handbook. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 275-310. Download

2014. O. Koeneman & H. Zeijlstra. The Rich Agreement Hypothesis Rehabilitated. Linguistic Inquiry 45: 571 – 615. Download

2014. H. Zeijlstra. ‘On the uninterpretability of interpretable features.’ In: P. Kosta e.a. (eds), Minimalism and beyond. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 109-129. Download

2014. E. Veenendaal, K. Straatjes & H. Zeijlstra. What negation can tell us about the origin of African American Vernacular English. Linguistics in Amsterdam 7: 25–44. Download

2014. J. Lin, F. Weerman & H. Zeijlstra. ‘Mandarin SHENME as a superweak NPI.’ In: J. Hoeksema & D. Gilbers (eds.), Black book: a festschrift in honor of Frans Zwarts. Groningen: University of Groningen. 229-251.


2013. S. Iatridou & H. Zeijlstra. Negation, polarity and deontic modals. Linguistic Inquiry 44: 529-568. Download

2013. H. Zeijlstra. Not in the first place. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 31: 865-900. Download

2013. H. Karawani & H. Zeijlstra. The semantic contribution of the past tense morpheme kaan in Palestinian counterfactuals. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics 12: 105-120. Download

2013. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Universal Quantifier PPIs.’ In: M. Aloni, M. Franke & F. Roelofsen (eds), Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium 2009, 273-280. Amsterdam, ILLC. Download

2013. H. Zeijlstra.  ‘Hard and soft conditions on the Faculty of Language: constituting parametric variation.’ In: H. Broekhuis & R. Vogel (eds), Linguistic Derivations and Filtering: Minimalism and Optimality Theory. London, Equinox. 298-314. Download

2013. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Negation and polarity.’ In: M. Den Dikken (ed),The Cambridge handbook of generative syntax. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. 793-826. Download

2013. S. Miyagawa, N. Nishioka & H.  Zeijlstra. Negative dependencies in Japanese. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 67: 231–244. 



2012. H. Zeijlstra. There is only one way to agree. The Linguistic Review 29: 491 – 53. Download

2012. P.J.E. Dekker & H. Zeijlstra. 2012. Concord and doubling phenomena: an introduction. Journal of Semantics 29: 295-303. Download

2012. H. Zeijlstra. Wat het Nederlands in nog meer kan leren over de Jespersencyclus. Nederlandse Taalkunde 17: 414-420. Download

2012. Th. Biberauer & H. Zeijlstra. Negative Concord in Afrikaans: filling the typological gap. Journal of Semantics 28: 345-371. Download

2012. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Not a light negation.’ In: A. Chereches (ed.), Proceedings of the 22nd Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference. Elanguage 545-564. Download


2012. Th. Biberauer & H. Zeijlstra.  'Negative changes: three factors and the diachrony of Afrikaans negation'. In: Ch. Galves et al. (eds), Diachronic syntax. Parameter Theory and dynmics of change. Oxford, Oxford University Press. 238-264. Download

2012. R. Verburg & H. Zeijlstra. 'Comparative Concord.' In R. Genis et al. (eds.), Between West and East: Festschrift for Wim Honselaar, on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Amsterdam: Pegasus.



2011. H. Zeijlstra. On the Lexical Status of Negative Indefinites in Dutch and German. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 14: 111-138. Download


2011. Th. Biberauer and H. Zeijlstra. ‘Negation in Afrikaans: in search for the missing language.’ In S. Lima, K. Mullin & Br. Smith (eds.), Proceedings of NELS 39. Amherst, MA: GLSA.           

2011.  A. Aguilar Guevara, M. Aloni, A. Port, R. Simik, M. de Vos and H Zeijlstra. ‘Semantics and pragmatics of indefinites: methodology for a synchronic and diachronic corpus study.’ In Proceedings of the workshop Beyond Semantics -- Corpus-based investigations of pragmatic and discourse phenomena. Bochum: Bochumer Linguistische Arbeiten. Download


2010. H. Zeijlstra. Emphatic Multiple Negative Expressions in Dutch. The Linguistic Review 27: 37-73. Download


2010. D. Penka & H. Zeijlstra. Negation and Polarity: an introduction. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 28: 771-786. Download


2010. S. Iatridou & H. Zeijlstra. 'On the scopal interaction of negation and deontic modals'. In: M. Aloni et al. (eds). Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium 2009. Berlin, Springer Verlag. 315-324. Download

2010. H. Zeijlstra. ‘On French Negation.’ In: I. Kwon. H. `Pritchett and J. Spence (eds), Proceedings of the 35th annual meeting of the Berkely Linguistics Society. Berkely, CA: BLS. 447-458. Download

2010. O. Koeneman & H. Zeijlstra. 'Weak isn’t strong enough: resurrecting the Rich Agreement Hypothesis.' In Proceedings of the 12th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar (SICOGG12).



2009. H. Zeijlstra. How parameters arise. Linguistics in Amsterdam 2: 1-22. Download

2009. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Functional structure, formal features and parametric variation: consequences of conflicting interface conditions.’ In: K. Grohmann (ed). InterPhases. Oxford, Oxford University Press. 82-113. Download



2008. H. Zeijlstra. ‘On the syntactic flexibility of formal features.’ In: Th. Biberauer (ed), The Limits of Syntactic Variation. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 143-174. Download

2008. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Modal Concord.’ In: M. Gibson & T. Friedman (eds), Proceedings of SALT XVII. Ithaca: CLS. Download

2008. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Formal Features as a Consequence of Doubling Effects.’ In C. Davis, A.R. Deal & Y. Zabbal (eds.), Proceedings of NELS 36. Amherst, MA: GLSA.  

2008. H. Zeijlstra. Negative Concord is syntactic agreement. Ms University of Amsterdam. Lingbuzz/000645. Download  


2007. H. Zeijlstra. Zero licensers. Snippets 16: 21-22. Download

2007. H. Zeijlstra. Negation in Natural language: on the Form and Meaning of Negative Elements. Language and Linguistics Compass 1: 498-518. Download

2007. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Emphatic Multiple Negative Expressions in Dutch.’ In E. Aboh & M. Van Staden (eds.). ACLC Working Papers in Linguistics 2. 77-103. 

2007. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Doubling: the semantic driving force behind functional categories.’ In B. ten Cate & H. Zeevat (eds.). Logic, Language and Computation. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4363. Hamburg: Springer Verlag. 260-280.



2006. H. Zeijlstra. The Ban on True Negative Imperatives. Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 6: 405-425. 

2006. H. Zeijlstra. ‘How semantic dictates the syntactic vocabulary.’ In C. Ebert  & C. Endriss (eds.). Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 10. ZAS, Berlin. 453-468.

2006. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Don’t negate imperatives! Imperatives and the semantic of negative markers.’ In C. Ebert & C. Endriss (eds.). Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 10.ZAS, Berlin. 437-452.

2006. H. Zeijlstra. Emphatic Multiple Negative Expressions in Dutch: A by-product of the loss of Negative Concord.In S. Barbiers, O. Koeneman & M. Lekakou (eds.). Papers presented at the Workshop on Syntactic Doubling, Amsterdam, March 2006.


2005. H. Zeijlstra. Dislocation triggers uninterpretability. Linguistic Analysis 35: 331-372. Download


2005.H. Zeijlstra. 'What the Dutch Jespersen Cycle may reveal about Negative Concord.' In M. Andronis, E. Debenport, A. Pycha & K. Yoshimura (eds.), Proceedings of the Chicago Linguistics Society 38 (Vol. II). Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 143-158.

2005. D. Penka & H. Zeijlstra. Negative Indefinites in Dutch and German. Ms. University of Tübingen. Lingbuzz/000192. Download



2004. H. Zeijlstra. ‘Syntactic vs. Semantic Negation.’In C. Meier & M. Weisgerber (eds.), Proceedings of the Conference "SUB8 - Sinn und Bedeutung." Konstanz: Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft Universität Konstanz. 333-348.


2004. H. Zeijlstra.‘Two Ways of Expressing Negation.’ In S. Blaho, L. Vicente & M. de Vos (eds.), Proceedings of ConSOLE XII. 245-259.



2002. H. Zeijlstra. ‘A Three-Track Structure of Temporal and Aspectual Representation.’ In Proceedings of the conference 'Perspectives on Aspect'. UiL OTS Working Papers in Linguistics.


2002. H. Zeijlstra. ‘What the Dutch Jespersen Cycle may reveal about Negative Concord’. Linguistics in Potsdam 19: 183-206.

Reviews, bibliography

2010. H. Zeijlstra. Review of 'Daniel Harbour, David Adger & Susana Bejar (eds.), Phi theory: Phi-features across modules and interfaces'.  Journal of Linguistics 46: 739-748. Download

2010. H. Zeijlstra. Boekbeoordeling van 'J.M. van der Horst, Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Syntaxis.' Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde 126: 94-95. Download

2003. H. Zeijlstra. Negation revisited. A review of Paul Rowlett's ‘Negation in French.’ Glot 7-7/8:1-4.

2000. J. van Cranenbroeck, A. Neuckemans, S. van der Kleij, M. van Koppen, G. de Vogelaer & H. Zeijlstra, A bibliography of Dutch dialect syntax. Published at: sand/sand.html.

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